Inov8ive Pty Ltd are committed to providing quality work to all customers. In providing this service, we are also committed to ensuring health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and the general public. This “Chain of Responsibility” (CoR) check is reflective of this commitment.

The Chain of Responsibility, namely, Mass Vehicle Load Management, Load Restraint and Driver Fatigue Management must be clearly addressed by all participants within our freight/transport chain. Our transport chain includes, but not restricted to, consignors, loaders, drivers, subcontracted drivers, other transport companies and freight receivers. Inov8ive will ensure that all goods carried on our behalf will comply with all State and Territory regulations, laws and codes of practice.

While Inov8ive will undertake to ensure our compliance to the Chain of Responsibility laws, we also seek commitment from our contractors, that, they too are complying with the relevant laws.

Please complete the form below and continue to help us stay on top of safety and compliance in our industry.